UniDirectional Networks (UDoNs)
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"People complained about One-Way Roads, so we're giving them One-Way Roads." - Xoxide101

UniDirectional Networks

History Edit

After the users of SimCity have been using regular streets to build their interchanges, and the community wanted one-way roads for a long while, SUGC collaborated together to make one-way roads.

After much testing, the mod was released on Simtropolis on May 16, 2014.

Mod Additions Edit

This mod (obviously) adds unidirectional (one-way) networks to the game. Those networks come in two major varieties: streets and highways.

One-way Streets Edit

Three versions of this network are just like the vanilla SimCity variet

Highways Edit

For more information on how to use, see How to use UDoNs

Changelog Edit

  • Version 1.4 - Improved easier-to-read icons and graphics per request
  • Version 1.5 - Online Beta Testing. Buggy - MAY cause rollbacks at the 20 minute incremental points. Most likely the hybrid paths for elevated. Save game often if you wish to try it out at all. So at your own risk for 1.5 beta. CoTs maybe required for online use. Unknown at this point since I have the expansion.
  • Version 1.6 - Updated icons be more realistic like Maxis Style, you can still use default regionals to work with this mod for udons to function solo and exclusive) and regional roads 1.6 for also new icons for those roads used in region with new icons that make and feel like all others :) ENJOY
  • Version 1.7 - Yield Signs are now added. Others are remaining for other purposes as we transition changes. Minor update to add UDoNs to Regional for Project Orion. Also known as ONE WAY's and Freeways using Unidirectional Paths
  • Version 1.8 - Fixed upgrade and downgrade features, new marquee images, icons and descriptions thanks to Banwashere. New file name format and load Order for AKAR and AKAR Road Sets + Regional Akar Addons
  • Version 1.9 - Fixed problematic upgrade/downgrade feature introduced in version 1.8.
  • Version 2.0 (Not yet released) - Now in planning for 5 lane and 6 lane ave with zone versions of road and expressways.

Compatibility Edit