Xoxide, also called XoXiDe, Xoxide101, or Jeff, was the founder of SUGC and many other groundbreaking mods such as UDoNs, Project Orion, and others.

Life in the SimCity Community Edit

Before Xoxide's major work in the SimCity community, he was a very avid SimCity player and participator on the SimCity forums.

Xoxide soon became the founder of SUGC, group of modders he recruited to help guide the community into its golden age of modding.

Currently, Xoxide is working on the 2.0 version of UniDirectional Networks, with five and six-laned highways and streets.

Life Outside the SimCity Community Edit

Jeff works as an IT consultant and works daily with information technology.

Not much else is known about Xoxide.

(From ME xoxide.. I'm still alive.. and I left the community of modding after Maxis was dumped by EA Games and we were all formally S@#$## Over by them after our hard work and love for the franchise. Maybe in the future there will be more to come but till then I will stay in the quiet shadows for now)